"Thirty thousand years ago
our ancestors painted extraordinary
images of the horse in caves, giving the
enigmatic creature a pictorial existence
for the first time. This was the start of
an artistic tradition that flourishes to
this day. Whilst the physical character
of the horse has evolved, and the
significance of the horse in human
culture has altered with time,what has
not changed is the irrefutable spirit of
the horse that has continuously drawn
humans and horses together,
in work, in play, and in art."

I was five years old when I was first grabbed by the impressiveness of my granddad's "Hafflinger"-horses. Since then the horse was subject of many of my drawings and paintings. When I was fifteen years old I made my first horse sculpture.
My interest in art led me to study art history and cultural studies, and despite never having studied at an art-academy, I still enjoy making my own art. These days I make portraits for people who want to harness the power of this amazing creature in a sculpture.

Querine van der Weijde